Why You Should Visit Rajmachi Trek ?

Rajmachi trek

If you are seeking a spot to spend a weekend in the midst of nature's unrivaled splendor while also participating in some enjoyable activities then, in that case, Rajmachi Fort should be on your list of places to visit on your next vacation. The historical fort, which is situated in this region, dates back in history to the ruling of the famous emperor Chatrapati Shivaji of the Maratha dynasty. This place is said to be nestled in the most beautiful lush green Sahyadri range and is also one of the most popular trekking sites that Maharashtra can ever offer. This is also where you may see nature in all of her moods. Several waterfalls, steep gorges and valleys, picturesque villages, canals, and other sights to see abound on the trip to Rajmachi Fort.

Rajmachi Trek:

Rajmachi Fort offers a variety of entertaining activities both within and outside the fort. Because it is situated in a lovely hilly region, it attracts a large number of adventure and nature enthusiasts who come to participate in various adventurous activities or simply enjoy the visual beauty of the surrounding surroundings. Rajmachi Fort is a must-see hiking destination in Maharashtra, attracting visitors with its breathtaking panoramic views from Rajmachi Point and its ties to the renowned Maratha monarch Shivaji. Trekking to Rajmachi Fort is never complete without a tour of the area's most important points of interest.

There are few places that should not be missed visiting once on the Rajmachi trek. They are as below:

Valvan Lake:

Valvan village is an idyllic hamlet and a well-known tourist destination in Maharashtra, rich in a number of waterfalls and bewitching natural beauty to allure nature lovers and shutterbugs. It is located just about 10 kilometers from Lonavala. The charming hamlet of Shreevardhan and Manoranjan is located between the twin hills of Shreevardhan and Manoranjan.

Tiger's leap:

When viewed from an angle of distance, the valley appears to be leaping with a tiger. On a sunny day, Tiger's Leap's 650-meter side perspective is breathtaking. It is recommended that you do not approach the edge too closely and instead observe the vista from a designated viewing spot. Buses to and from Khandala are available from here.

Tungarli Lake:

The dam is located in Tungarli village, amidst the gorgeous Sahyadris, and is a favorite weekend retreat and picnic site. Originally, the dam was built with the intention of giving irrigation to the entire Rajmachi region. It later became a popular tourist destination for hiking, camping, and outdoor picnics.

Ryewood Park:

This is a large attractive garden near Lonavala that is home to some rare tree species that date back hundreds of years. The garden is said to be named after Mr. Rye, an English army officer who lived in the area for a long time. Others say Ryewood gets its name from the word "rai," which meaning "thick forest."

Kune Waterfall:

Kune Waterfall is a must-see attraction in Lonavala, with its magnificent crown of falling water plunging 200 meters down a hill. The Kune waterfalls, which originate in the Khandala Ghats, are one of Maharashtra's highest. During the monsoon, when the hilly terrains are clothed in deep green vegetation, the three-tiered waterfall takes on a breath-taking attractiveness. For locals, Kune Waterfalls is a popular weekend excursion and picnic place.

Things to do at Rajmachi trek

Rajmachi fort trekking offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience via Maharashtra's most beautiful, untouched routes. The historic fort is located in the Karjat district of the Sahyadris and may be accessed in two ways: one is by Kondivade hamlet, which is a less-traveled path, and the other is through Lonavala, which gives fantastic sightseeing opportunities along the way. You may get a panoramic view of Borghat and its surroundings from the ancient Rajmachi Fort, which dates back to the 17th century.

Pawna Lake Camping is renowned camping and one of Maharashtra's most prominent manmade lakes, located about 10 kilometers from Kamshet on the Mumbai– Pune Highway. Your camping trip will be truly rewarding thanks to the serenity and breath-taking splendor of nature. Packages for Pawna Lake campsites include a scenic bonfire with music and food. Tourists are provided with waterproof tents to sleep in during the monsoon season.

Explore Bhaja Caves- The Bhaja and Karla caves near Khandala are a must-see destination. The caves, which are located a short distance from the main city, have a Buddhist impact on their architectural design. The cave temple's pillars and walls are adorned with carvings of Lord Buddha illustrating various stories from his life. The caverns also have their own "vihara" and "chaitya," where monks give Lord Buddha prayers.

Picnic in Bhushi Lake, one of Maharashtra's largest lakes and a popular weekend escape. During the monsoon, a series of cascading waterfalls cascade into the lake, giving the area a surreal beauty. Tourists and trekkers to Rajmachi Fort can purchase food and refreshments from shops in the adjacent village.

In Kamshet, go paragliding and enjoy an amazing flight under the supervision of licensed pilots and other paragliders. The lovely valley is around 46 kilometers from Pune and is surrounded on all sides by the lush Sahyadri Range. Classic Tandem, Instructional Tandem, and Acro Tandem are the three types of tandem paragliding courses available.

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