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Ques: Where did the Chipko movement was originated in India ?

Ans: Uttrakhand

Few more questions related to Uttarakhand state:

  • Present Chief Minister of Uttrakhand- Sh. Pushkar Singh Dhami
  • Capital of Uttarakhand- Dehradun
  • Summer capital of Uttarakhand- Gairsain
  • Total number of seats in legislative assemblies/ Vidhan sabha- 70
  • Total number of seats in house of parliament/ Lok sabha- 05
  • Total number of seats in Union legislature/ Rajyasabha- 03
Chipko movement was initiated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and it's related to environment. 

Dehradun is famous for or main headquarters located in Dehradun mostly asked in exams:

  1. Indian military academy (I.M.A)
  2. Forest research institute (F.R.I)
  3. ONGC - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
  4. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
Dehradun is also known as द्रोण नगरी, दीवानों का शहर, लीची का शहर।

Nationl parks or parks located in Uttrakhand :

  1. Corbett National Park; Area- 520.82km². Inaugration-1936
    Corbett National park Uttrakhand

  2. Nanda Devi National Park; Area- 624.60km². Inauguration- 1982
  3. Valley of Flowers National Park; Area- 87.50km². Inauguration- 1982
  4. Rajaji National Park; Area- 820.42km². Inauguration- 1983
  5. Gangotri National Park; Area- 2390.02km². Inauguration- 1989
  6. Govind National Park; Area- 472.08km². Inauguration- 1990 
Also first Indian Institution of technology (IIT) was IIT Roorkee (Uttarakhand)

India's first Agriculture University was G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

You should also know about Rishikesh also known as योग नगरी

Rishikesh is famous for:
  • Lakshman Jhula is a suspension bridge across the river Ganges, located 5 kilometres (3 mi) north-east of the city of Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The bridge connects the two villages of Tapovan in Tehri Garhwal district, on the west bank of the river, to Jonk in Pauri Garhwal district, on the east bank. Lakshman Jhula is a pedestrian bridge that was also used by motorbikes. Despite its location on the outskirts of the city, it is one of the iconic landmarks of Rishikesh. A larger bridge 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) downstream from Lakshman Jhula is Ram Jhula. Soure- Wikipedia
  • Rishikesh is also famous for river rafting.

Haridwar (Uttarakhand):
    Also known as हरी की नगरी 
The Kumbh Mela also held in Haridwar, recent was held in 2021 and next event is on 2033. It's held on the bank of river Ganga.

Uttrakhand is also famous for panch prayag and they are as follows:
  • Rudraprayag
  • Karna-prayag
  • Vishnu prayag
  • Nand prayag
  • Dev prayag
Dev prayag
Dev prayag is a place where rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda met eachother and afterwards that Bhagirathi river is called as or named as Ganga.

उत्तराखंड के चार धाम:
  • गंगोत्री: गंगा नदी का उदगम स्थान,
  • यमुनोत्री: यमुना नदी का उदगम स्थल,
  • केदारनाथ: मंदाकिनी नदी के किनारे पर स्थित,
  • बद्रीनाथ: अकलनंदा नदी के किनारे पर स्थित।

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