Learning French: 2 Major Reasons and 3 Benefits of Learning from a Tutor

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If you are considering French as a second language to learn, then this post is for you! French is the official second language of more than 20 countries. French speakers can be found all around the world including Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. French has also been one of the most commonly studied languages in colleges and high schools in North America since 2006. It's a beautiful language with many benefits for those who want to learn. French tutors in Toronto are needed to help people from all over the world improve their language skills. Learning French will open up many doors for you no matter where life takes you. We'll give you 2 major reasons why someone would choose to learn French and 3 benefits of learning French from a tutor in Toronto and anywhere in Canada.

2 Reasons For Learning French

There could be many reasons why someone would like to learn a new language but here are 3 reasons that we chose to mention in this article.

  1. Work-Related Reason: There are many jobs where they value Multilingual individuals. If you're confused about what that is, it's a person who can speak two or more languages fluently. If you are in a workplace where you think Knowing French will give you access to more jobs both domestically and internationally. It's a fair reason why someone would choose to learn French in Toronto. You could use this skill for work purposes - bilingual jobs are on the rise! 
  2. Travel-Related Reason: French is the 5th most spoken language in the world with over 220 million speakers worldwide, it's not difficult to find someone to practice with or talk about anything within your target language. The number of people who speak French as their mother tongue is 68 million. You are probably wondering why am I telling you this, well it's the 2nd major reason why someone would start learning French. Learning a new language can help you explore other cultures and it will make it easier to travel and communicate with French speakers. Just so you know, Girls love French accents mon ami.

Benefits Of Learning From A French Tutor In Toronto

Now that you know 2 of the Major reasons why someone would like to learn French, let's talk about what are the benefits of learning French from a tutor in Toronto. We've chosen these specific benefits because they're all things we have noticed through online French tutoring in Canada.

1. Better Understanding

French has a relatively simple grammar compared to many other languages. French verbs are conjugated depending on the subject pronoun and there are no masculine or feminine forms of nouns. These are some things you can't know on your own, a private french tutor in Toronto can help you better understand these things. French pronunciation is relatively easy to master with most letters having only one standard sound. There are some exceptions, but they will be covered during French lessons in Toronto.

A French tutor can help improve your pronunciation of the French language making it easier to understand and be understood by others who speak French fluently. Another benefit of learning French from a tutor in Toronto or online, is that they will teach you new vocabulary words based on what type of workplace you are looking to get a French job. French tutors in Toronto can also help you learn about French culture and customs through their years of experience teaching French online or in person.

2. Fast and Effective

A major benefit of French learners who choose to study with a tutor is that they will be able to give them the tools needed to express themselves clearly when speaking French making it easier for French speakers to understand them. French tutors in Toronto can help you speak French fluently and correctly within a short period.

Learning French is not as difficult as many people think, it's just often pushed off because you have so much going on or don't know where to start learning French online or offline. Learning French from a tutor is a good way to start, French tutors in Toronto are available for French lessons online or offline.

3. Saves Time & Money

Online French Tutoring in Canada is on peak these days as French is becoming a valuable skill in Canada and around the world. French tutors in Toronto will help you learn French faster than if you were to try learning French on your own or with another person, this way it's like having one-on-one French lessons online which saves time and money. A French lesson costs anywhere between $30 to $50. Online French tutoring in Canada is the most affordable solution for learning French. These lessons with a private tutor in Toronto are made specifically based on your needs and knowledge level which saves you time from searching all over Google trying to find what type of French classes or French courses would be best for you. French tutors in Toronto are available on French Lessons Canada to help teach French online or offline, making learning French easier than ever before.

Tips on how to study efficiently

  1. Before your French private tutor lesson, it's a good idea to review the vocabulary and grammar concepts that were taught during previous French lessons with an experienced French teacher.-Set goals for yourself on what type of French language task you would like to accomplish by the end of the French tutoring session.
  2. Give your French tutor a summary of any cultural or personal experiences you have had that relate to the French lesson, this way they can help better understand where your interests lie and what type of French language lessons would be best for you.-Take notes on anything important! This is very effective in making sure key points are not forgotten.
  3. Once French tutoring is complete, it's a good idea to study the French language you learned more on your own or with another French tutor in Toronto.-If you are struggling learning French online by yourself after French lessons, try out our free French practice tests for extra help!


French is a beautiful language but it can also be very intimidating at first. French tutors in Toronto make learning French easier because they take the time to get to know you and find out what your goals are for learning French online or offline.-A private French tutor will help you learn French faster than if you were trying to teach yourself, which saves time and money. French tutors in Toronto are available to make learning French easier than ever before, you just make up your mind and start learning. Good luck!

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