Spirituality and its effects on your mental health.

Everyone is running a race in this life to become succesful, powerful or independent. But the thing everybody is lacking is mental peace or you can say mental stability. We want to know everything that is going around us but we never take care of what's inside us.


Spirituality:-  Spirituality is not something about learning mantras or doing magic. Its about knowing and understanding who you are and what is your purpose in this life. You never attract things that you want. You always attract what you are.

How to improve your mental health:
First of all you need to understand that there is nothing called as as bad experience but only a experience that you can learn from. Our thoughts play a very important role in our life. Our every single thought create a vibrational frequency which we call vibe. You can change your negative thoughts by daily practice. You can do that by creating good scenarios in your mind whenever that negative thought is coming into your mind. Always remember that " a positive thought is always stronger than a negative one".

Spirituality helps in maintaining mental health because it helps you to understand yourself, to know your innerpower and to love yourself. It gives you a higher sense of  hope, love, peace and power. Everything is within us. This world starts with us and ends with us. You should be involve in things that are inside you not what is outside you. Because you must have heard that happiness lies within you.

We should not even think about every bad thing that had happened with us and we should not even think about things about tomorrow. Life is precious only because it ends. Seize the day my friend, think about today and then about the day after. Do things that makes you happy even if they take a lot of time. If it makes you feel good then thats what you need. Always remember that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift thats why its called a present. 

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