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SEO 2022

Have you ever heard the term blogging? Most probably yes! Many of you may not have let me tell you what does a blog post mean?

Blog post is an article or entry shared or published on the blog section of a website or simply on a blog website.

Why do people blog?

Blogging is just about sharing knowledge, information. Whenever we have a query, we about it to our teachers or peers but sometimes they are not able to answer our questions. In that situation we are left with two or three options-

1. To study deeply about that particular time so that we can have a wide knowledge and can have answers to all those queries which comes up into our mind/brain.

But this is long term process it consumes a lot of time to study books, clearing doubts and all.

2. On the other side we have another that is to Google is or search it on internet. You can use any search engine like Google, Yahoo!, etc.

There are many advantages of modern technologies like search engines, it can help us to solve our queries within seconds if you have a good internet connection which is very common now a days. It is time efficient, effective and reliable.

How blog is related to search engines?

Have you ever thought from where search engines get data from? If you don’t know then let me tell you that everything available on internet or search engine is a part of someone’s blog. Because when someone write a blog post related to your search query s/he submit that piece of information on search engines and that’s what SE shows us.

Through blog what is the advantage for someone who’s sharing that piece of information?

You can share/publish blog posts and can monetize that blogging website using advertising platforms like Google AdSense, or through affiliate marketing and can earn money through it.

Blog helps in-

-Growth of a website

-Offering information

-Branding, trust and credibility

-Promoting services

-Offering value to customers

Steps to write a perfect blog post-

1. Decide the title: First thing you need to do is to find a topic for your blog post. It could be anything, it could be related to any category for example: science, commerce, spiritual, health, medical line and technology etc.

From where you can find topics?

Topic can vary depending upon one’s choice; one can write on trending topics and other may find it difficult, some people like only to write on specific topics depending upon their interests.

You can use previous trends to find topics. For that you can use free and paid tools. Free tools are such as Google Trends and paid are SEMrush etc.

Both free and paid tools are based upon approximate data.

2. Write a catchy title: After that next thing you need to do is to write a catchy title for your post/article because title plays important role in attracting audience.

Title should be catchy so that it can drive attention. How you can select a catchy title; look for the keyword you are working on. Observe what top ranking sites are doing to maintain their ranking and how they are delivering content. After observing all these things select a catchy title for your blog post/article.

3. Create an outline: Outline simply means a description of the most important facts or ideas about something. Or a line that shows the shape or outside edge of something/somebody.

You have to make an outline of your blog post which includes introduction, main content/points, advantages & disadvantages at the end you have to make a conclusion. That’s what outline means.

4. Introduction: In this part first thing you need to do is define what your topic actually means. You need to keep your introduction interesting so that people don’t lose/lack interest. Give a brief introduction about topic it will help your reader to have a knowledge and what s/he can expect from that particular post.

5. Headings and subheadings: After doing all these things make headings and subheadings because it will help reader to solve their queries quickly and to jump on particular portion/section its because maybe they don’t have time to read full article.

6. Conclusion: Conclusion means an opinion that you reach after thinking about something carefully. Based upon your keyword and article what people are looking for make a conclusion so that they can summarize everything in short.

7. Proof-reading and editing: The most important part of making a perfect article is proof-reading and editing because, there are some mistakes it could be grammatical error, systematic error etc.

While editing you can add or provide external links of trusted sources to support your points so that your article can become reliable.

-Make sure inserted links are working properly.

8. Plagiarism check: It means the act of copying another person’s ideas, words or work and pretending they are your own; look for tools which helps to scan plagiarised data such as Dupli checker, seo plagiarise scan etc. It’s a crime and make bad impact on your website.

So, write a post carefully don’t copy and paste try to make it on your own. Because there are very few chances someone can write same as of you.

When you provide quality over quantity you can become famous/known for your content it will help you to create authority and to grow your audience.

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