How to Score 95% in English paper in Board Exams ? | How to score 95 plus in board exams 2022?

How to score 95 in board exams ? | Board exams 2022

Do you want to score 95 or 95+ in board exams ? If Yes, then English is one the easiest subject it will help you to secure good marks and will give you boost in overall percentage. To score well in English you need to Practice these following Tips and Tricks to score 95 or 95+ in English:

How To Score 95 % marks in English Board Exam. Practice the following Tips and Tricks -

There are three sections in English i.e., section A, B and C respectively. Attempt the sections of English paper in the following sequence-

1. Section A: Reading section should be attempted first as it is very time consuming

2. Section B: Next you should attempt the writing section as it also requires more lot of thought process sometimes you have to make articles on your own.

3. Section C: In the end attempt the literature section as you are most familiar with this section

Section A: Reading Section of English paper

Tip number 1. Read questions before reading the passage, this will save you lot of time.

Tip number 2. Practice one or two reading comprehension everyday 10 days prior to exam.

Tip number 3. (class 10th) Practice previous Year’s questions on Note making and Summary writing.

Section B: Writing and Grammar Section in English paper

Tip no. 1 Revise formats at least thrice before appearing for exam.

Tip no. 2 Remember beginnings and endings.

Tip no. 3 Keep in mind the word limit.

Tip no. 4 (class 10th) Divide and Conquer in essay writing, articles, debate and speech . It means divide the topic into small five paragraphs.

Section C: Literature Section

Tip no. 1 Read all chapters at least once. (Do not leave any chapter)

Tip no. 2 Attempt long answers first.

Tip no. 3 For novel, focus more on plot, theme and character sketch.


Time management -

-Devote 50 minutes to each section

-Keep 15 minutes for revision


Tip 1 .Use black pen to write key words.

Tip 2. Maintain proper spacing.

Tip 3. Underline important points.

Tip 4. Write headings with black pen and underline subheadings.

Follow the above tips for sure shot success in English paper exam

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