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Seo 2022

Are you a blogger and new in this? Don’t know what to do and how to do? First thing that comes into your mind should be how to write article?

If you how to write articles then next problem you have to face is that how to rank on google? Then things like SEO and all pops up. If you don’t know how to do SEO then read this article. SEO is divided into various parts and finding keyword is also one of them.

First thing you need to know is what does a keyword means?

What is Keyword?

Keyword in simplest form keyword is a word or phrase that describes the content on your web-page.

-Keyword can be single worded

-It can be a complete sentence

-It can be a combination of 2-3 words

For example, SEO is a keyword itself. Affiliate marketing is a word.

Few examples of long-term keyword:

-How to rank in SEO?

-How to improve ranking of your website?

Keywords depend upon the search queries what people search on Google or other search engines. Keyword is simply a query or question which people are searching/looking for on search engines.

Let’s understand the concept of keyword with another example; suppose you have a website or web-page in which you have a specific page which includes “what is digital marketing?”

Then the words, digital, digital marketing and marketing are the keywords of that particular page. All these words will explain the content of your web-page.

In terms of SEO

When we talk about SEO (search engine optimization) then the meaning of keyword changes.

In terms of SEO keyword means the word or phrase for which you want a specific page to rank.

Let’s understand this with another example- suppose someone is searching for what is digital marketing? and you have a blog in which you have explained it already. Now you want that when someone types digital marketing or what is digital marketing? Your blog should rank first on this particular topic it means it is your keyword. Ranking depends on various factors we will all those factors later.

Importance of keyword in SEO

-Keyword helps in ranking: Though ranking of a particular web-page depends upon various factors of SEO but keyword is also one of them.

-Keyword helps crawlers: It helps crawlers to index your page and help them to show your page to targeted audience.

How to use keywords in SEO?

1. Moderation: keywords should be used under moderation. Moderation means a way that is reasonable and not excessive. You should use keywords only 2-3% of your article. We will discuss it later how to do so.

2. Naturality: Keywords should be used systematically; means you should know how to use keyword in a particular sentence or paragraph. You can’t just use keyword out of the para or just randomly. Don’t stuff keywords excessively to maintain naturality.

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